Getting back at it, it’s been a week

Friday physio. We worked on my lower back and glutes. No real structural or mechanical problems.  Still didn’t address my foot.  I ran today, a 10k.  Wanted to see where any issues are so I can get them looked at before I ramp up the distance again.  I have a weird nerve pain in my right leg.  Below the knee and shooting down the right side of the shin, as I run I would get a single “shock”, not real painful but it buckles the leg a bit. My right foot has something going on, not painful but more of a distraction. All of it is in the same area, makes me wonder if I have a pinched nerve in the hip or back on that side.  Something to look at on Friday’s Physio. Otherwise the run was good.  I want to get several short runs in for the next couple of weeks, and maybe on the 23rd do a seriously long run in the river valley.  Anyone want to join?  That will give me 2 weeks before Sinister.  Shane, our Leg 3 ringer has asked if I would be able to pace him at Lost Souls.  He is doing 200k. 200!  He wants a pacer for the last 54 and the 38k chunk at the end.  I’m considering it.

Weight:  196.0

days after the race

I need to document how I feel after a race like Saturday’s.  If I’m smart enough to look back at this later I might be more comfortable.

The day after I was sore and stiff.  Expected.  If I kept moving it was better, if I settled it was hard to get started.  No real specific pain spots, more like the muscles didn’t or couldn’t do more, and some muscles were tightening up.  It needs to be a rest day, and an Advil day.  There are some that hammered me by taking it too much, my liver will be damaged, all kind of scary things.  When your physio tells you to keep up on it during the day, you should do that.  Inflammation is the problem.  I didn’t take as much as I could, so I suffered a bit.

The next day was physio.  He just worked on the spots that were a problem.  He went into the groin but not with needles.  He needled my lower and mid back, glutes, and neck and shoulders.  I felt amazing after that.  I still had a right big toe issue, not the toe but the bone running up the foot.  We didn’t address that.  I was able to move better without cramping, but I still had problems moving. I had to concentrate on where I wanted my legs to move me, otherwise it looked like I was drunk. I realized the leg sockets and muscles around the area were weak and I had issues lifting my legs.  Day 2 needs to be a light day at best.

Day 3, that is the discovery day.  I discovered where my problems really are.  I wouldn’t say injuries, they are not permanent or require long healing time, but the “spots” that need help.  Lower back, for sure, my knees are a bit sore, and exhaustion. I know I pushed myself past where I wanted to go, but I never really thought I would still be worn out.  I fade early in the day, just no energy. I think I’m still in recovery? I didn’t consume anything that would give me some pep, I needed to feel it so I know later what to expect. In the afternoon my system just came to a stop. And my eating was not right, my digestive system was not normal.  When I was about an hour from finishing the race I could feel my stomach and everything lower bouncing and generally unhappy.  3 days later it still is.

I see physio again in 3 days. That should get me ready to move again.  I’m trying to rest, but I still need to work, it is a balance.  A 5 Peaks race on Saturday, I don’t think I’m up for that, but I may be up for a short run with my peeps on Sunday. Less than 6 weeks to Sinister, I know I can finish my 4 legs, I can’t over train before that, just maintain and make sure my gear is working, and replace what is not,

I reached my next goal, Blackfoot!

I will start with some house cleaning.  Since my lat post a month ago, I caught a cold that settled into my lungs.  I had to miss Run Wild half marathon on May 5th.  It took a while to shake it, I managed a 10k run and a 19k run in the River Valley a week later.  The next week was a 21.1k.  Not as much running as I wanted to do before Blackfoot.

So, what about Blackfoot? The night before I had sore knees.   I have been renovating our basement for a month and did a lot of work on my hands and knees. I wasn’t sure if it would cause a problem on the run, it was more joint pain than muscle. I planned out all my gear, laid it all out.  Morning started at 4.  I had to have something to eat, mix my water and pack up.  They wanted you there by 6 and it was a 1 hour drive. I made a change bag that I left at one of the buildings at the start/finish line.   My plan was to change out clothes after each lap. I stored my bag, got my timing chip and waited.  It was about 7 deg, no wind, sun was coming up.  A little chilly but I didn’t over dress. For the 50 mile (80k) we ran 2.5k out and back, then there would be 3 laps of 25k.  I started out OK, my knees were a bit sore but I waited to see if it would get worse.  Starting the first 25k lap was also the start of my pain management.  I had to stretch out my quads regularly, it felt like they were pulling my knees. I was more of an annoying feeling than actual pain. There was rain the night before and the course was wet. They were wide trails, mostly packed dirt or grass.  Tons of hills. There was a section that was all mud.  The entire trail for at least 1k was mud uphill and downhill.

There were 3 stations that had water and food.  One was a bacon station.  They had bacon, bacon chocolate chip cookies, bacon pancakes, and they all had PB&J sandwiches, bananas, and watermelon. My food for the day was mostly the sandwiches, bananas and watermelon. The first lap went well, I was feeling good, finished the first 30k in 4 hours.  I changed my socks, shirts and shorts and started #2. The sun was out and was drying the trail, and the 50k race that started was pounding the mud down.  About 15k into that lap I realized I had no pain, but I was also walking much more.  Near the end of that lap I was exhausted and I didn’t feel like I had anything left to move my legs.  About 1k before the end of that lap I rounded a corner.  There was Steph and Louise holding up signs. They drove out and waited for me to come by. I was a spectacularly awesome thing to do.  My team was there. We walked to the staging area, 4 hour lap, I thought I would stop at 55k, but they motivated me.  I changed some clothes, took a 5 Hour Energy and some Advil.  I don’t know if it was what they said or just there presence, but I thought I had enough time to finish the last lap. I had just under 4 hours to finish, but I knew I would be walking more.  They walked me into the tail a bit and we parted.  I felt energized and did some running.  Lots of running actually.  I kept going until I needed a walk, then ran some more.  I figured that if I felt good now I should run as much as I can, the back half of the course is where I will be walking.  And I was right. The mud was pounded down to a trail, it got cloudy which made the heat less of an issue and I had more than enough water to just keep going.  And I did, I finished that lap in 3 hours 50 minutes. I was tire and sore at the end, but not in real pain.  It was no different than any other race I had done.  I write this the morning after.  I am stiff, no knee pain, actually feeling better than after Sinister or Death Race. I think I am ready for 93k of Sinister 7 in 6 weeks.

So, the race stats:

80k in 11 hours 51 minutes, average pace 9.07, elevation gain 1002m, 7223 calories burned. Average heart rate 136, max 169.

Weight: 191.8

I think my training is finished

38.8k for the week.  I had a realization this week, I am trained up to do the Blackfoot Ultra and Sinister 7.  There is no more I can do to improve, I have my pace where I need it, I know how to manage my pain, I am mentally prepared, I have my food and water systems in place.  I had physio on Friday and Fascial stretching on Saturday.  Taylor could only get a reaction out of my lower back, nothing else was mis-firing.  Stretching really pulled my left adductor, I will need to have her pull back on that.  I have physio and stretching booked right up to Blackfoot.  4 weeks to that race, I just need to maintain.  I would like to get another long run in the River Valley before Blackfoot, maybe the 11th.  I would like to just start at one end and go until I had enough, then call for a ride.  I have some pain management patches I want to try.  5 Peaks was cancelled due to the blizzard in Edmonton.  Next week is still the Run Wild half marathon, they don’t need the flood route so the run should be good.  Not going for a personal best, but if the mood strikes, who knows. I bought  my second set of trail shoes for Blackfoot and Sinister, I picked the Lone Peaks, a redesign from the last model, much better fitting.

Weight:  194.0 …finally….

I needed a break, I’m worn out

53.7k for the week.  I started the week tired and tight.  Hard to get the runs in.  I managed three 5k runs, and an amazing Sunday run.  My plan was to do what Shane does, go out for time, not distance.  So, I went to Rundle Park at 8 this morning to go for 3 hours.  I wanted to run toward Hawrelak Park and see where it took me.  I took bush trails where ever possible, stayed off the paved trails.  Most of it was in the woods on the bank of the North Saskatchewan.  The weather was perfect, a little chilly for me starting out. about -1, but it heated up quickly.  Sunny, no wind, awesome.  At 1.5 hours in it didn’t seem far enough, so I kept going. At 2 hours I started to look for a place to turn around, that would give me a 4 hour run.  I was heading to Whitemud Park, that would have been a looong way back, found some stairs that went up to Saskatchewan Drive and started up.  I made my way back to Rundle.  Just after the 4 hour mark I ran out of water.  According to my GPS I was at least 5k away from my vehicle, and I was parched.  I called in for a pickup, had Michelle bring me water.  I kept walking until she caught up to me, I was out for a little over 5 hours, I felt good, and put in 38k.  I managed the pain along the way by stretching it out and walking as needed.  As I write this I am a bit tight, but I feel good.  That was the run I needed.  Next weekend is the first 5 Peaks race, the weekend after that Run Wild Half.

Weight:  196.6  …. after all that ….

I think i’m getting worn out….

71k for the week.  Monday’s run after my 29 on Sunday went surprisingly well.  I felt good, no pain, everything was loose.  Tuesday was much harder, I was tight.  This Friday there was no physio, Taylor was away, so I booked a Fascial Stretching instead.  Basically, I paid for someone to stretch me out.  I did a 15k run first, then saw Yvonne at St. Albert Sports Recovery.  For an hour she stretched out my legs and hips.  The idea is you should not be in pain, I allowed there to be pain and that may have hindered the benefits.  The 31k today was good, but I felt pain in alot of my muscle groups that she stretched.  They all went away during the run, I will have to not let the stretching go to far on my next appointment.  So, if I keep my running pace to 6 and do my walks, let it average out at a 7 pace I think I will be OK for the really long runs.  I found it easier to have my camel pack instead of a couple of bottles in the pockets.  Overall a good running week, but I have to take it a bit easier next week, I’m tiring out.  I want to keep the 5 days a week, just shorten the distance a bit.  I still plan to do a 40k run before the Blackfoot, just don’t know when.

Weight: 195.4

Well on my way to the next goal

This was a good run week.  69.3k for the week. Friday morning’s 10k run was excellent. I felt no tightness, good pace, easy run.  Best one in a long time.  Today’s Sunday 29k was pretty good as well.  I ran with the full marathon class to try and slow my pace. Overall pace was 7.0.  I found some quad and knee tightness after 20k, but stretching at the stop lights made it go away.  Hours later I can feel where Taylor needs to stick some sharp metal objects but otherwise not that tight and feeling pretty good.  A definite improvement.  I may have to start wearing one of my camel packs, the water in the pockets isn’t really working.  My stomach was crampy near the end, I have to sort out the doseage of my water supplements. I can see my Monday runs will have to be shorter after such a long Sunday, but I will still need to get out and run something.  After that the rest of the week is whatever I feel like running. Looks like I will hit the 80k in a week sooner than expected.  I need to plan for a 40k run in the next 4 weeks.

Weight:  196.0

First goal reached!

50k this week.  Did it in 4 runs.  11k, 5k, 9k, 25k.  I decided to review my long run today later in the day, I wanted to see how my body felt after some time passed.  The run was good.  I tried to keep the pace down to a 6, hard to do when you feel good at a 5:30.  No real aches or pains to speak of on start, nothing I remember.  I recall at 14k my left quad and knee started to get sore.  Taylor worked on that area on Friday.  We are finding now that areas that are sore don’t seem to be from abnormally functioning muscles, which is what IMS needles address. Around the 16k mark I decided to walk a bit more and stopped to stretch out the quad.  It helps allot.  I could start running again with no pain and movement is normal.  I did more walking than intended, and at each stop light I stretched out the left quad.  Overall the pace was good and I finished with no cramping or tight muscles.  The hip joints were a bit weak, I could move my legs but could tell there was no real push behind it.  That seems to me that I have to run longer distances more to build up that area.  My overall goal of 80k a week by the first week of may is possible.  This next week I would like to get 3 x 15k plus a 5k, and finish the week with a 30k.  That is 80k.  The 30k is the trick.  I may just try another 25k.  I will see what the full marathon class is doing next Sunday, I could do a slow run with them, if I stay in the back it will force a slower pace.  I’m not implying that I am faster than that group, well, maybe I am, but it will be a good test for me.  Oh, and how did I feel later in the day after that run?  Fine.  From the time I got home to after supper I move normally with a bit of lower back soreness.

Weight:  198.2

I’m in a groove now, I think I can keep it up

Lets start with the numbers.  47.6k for the week, getting close to my 50k per week goal. 8k on Monday, 5k Tuesday and Wednesday, 9k on Friday morning, 20k today. For the entire week my left leg had a pain from my groin down to my knee.  Possible IT band.  It only hurt during the day, not at all when I run. Odd.  Taylor hurt me on Friday, I don’t give him a choice.  He had to dig into the muscle or tendon that was causing me pain.  Lower back needed a bunch of needles, but the glutes and hip flexors did not, they were fine. Left me with a couple of lumps that he explained were probably going to leave a bruise. Saturday the right side started to tweak. I know what Taylor will do next Friday. I find it harder to get my air.  Takes me longer to stop suffering, today I think I started to cruise along after 7k.  I had to slow down and just get the distance in.  We started off too fast, didn’t we Louise. We had a big group this morning, 8 bodies went out on my 20k route. I feel hill training is in my future, and some trail runs with Shane.

Weight:  196.6  booya!

The Training is Coming Along

I managed 43k for the week.  I thought I could do 6 days a week, but I just can’t.  5 days is what I can do.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings, Friday and Sunday mornings. I’m tight.  My hips, lower back, sometimes my calves.  Sometimes my knees.  I run through it.  I slow down, I stop and stretch it, I walk.  None of the tightness is permanent, the pain goes away.  Taylor is concentrating on my lower back and glutes, mainly because I tell him everything else is good.  He still checks the other stuff, but it actually is not bad. I need to be able to deal with those issues when no help is around.  I have 2 months to make sure I can.  My longest run since Jan 15th is 17k.  Needs to be much more.  Once the ice is off the walks I should be able to ramp up the distance.  Maybe next weekend?

Weight:  200.0  …my scale must be broken, no other reason for the number…