Back is getting better and I am running more

My back pain has changed. Was on the left, all of a sudden it is on the right now, in a slightly different area. New is always easier to fix than old, so there’s that. A week ago I managed to get 3 short runs in a week, not great but I have to start all over again. This week my only run may be the 5 Peaks Devon Enduro that I did today. Muddy trail run, finished 15k in 1hr 45min. 4th in my division. I need to do more, I’m not worried about injury or over training, so my issue seems to be time and will. I can handle 2 short runs and a long every week, as long as I put the weather out of my head. This weather sucks, I just have to dress warmer I guess. Today was a good race, I over dressed but was better than being cold, it was 1 deg. I could feel the needled areas from Friday for most of the run, and my knees tightened up near the end, but nothing lasting and I can do more.