Hard to get started again

Didn’t make the runs I wanted to do.  Last Sunday was prepared to do a long run but I screwed my lower back up.  Was constantly sore for a week until Physio this last Friday, much better, I consider it fixed.  So, I ran 18k today.  Maybe a bit long, my back was tweaky around 15k.  I fully intend to do 5 Peaks at Chickacoo this Saturday, Enduro, 13.8k.  Should be fun. Forecast so far is for nice weather.  Al my other aches and pains appear to be gone, still tired in the afternoons, all my hormones are at normal levels, so I will keep plugging along and stop looking for a reason. I’ve been asked if I am training for anything.  In general I’m training to do Sinister Solo next year, but this year, maybe Rivers Edge. It’s late in the year and weather can be crappy, but I feel like doing it.

Weight:  195.8