6 days to Sinister 7

Since my last post I ran a bit, not as much as maybe I should, but my paranoia over injury kept me off the trails. Last week Sunday I went for a 5 hour run.  Not so concerned about distance, just wanted to go until I was done.  And I did,  33.8k in 5 hours.  Ran from Rundle Park to Terwilligar, then headed towards 178st.  That is a long way.  I did a ton of walking, found I was tight and my back was a bit sore.  On Thursday I did a 5k, today 14.3k in the river valley.  I’m starting to get my gear together, don’t want to forget anything.  I will probably run 2 different camel packs, one is smaller and lighter and will use that for the first 2 legs.  I will need more gear when I climb the mountain on Leg 6, toque, warm shirt or vest, running poles, snowshoes.

I hope to get a good picture on this race, I plan to hand someone my phone when I make it to the top of the mountain to take a picture.

Weight: 197.8