Closer to Sinister, where am I at…

2 weeks since my last post, just didn’t have the time.  But I do now.

3 Sundays ago I did my first run after Blackfoot, a 10k.  Went well enough, wanted to test my legs and feet.  I stressed the right foot and physio didn’t really do much for it.  The Sunday after that I ran 25k with Steph and Louise in the River Valley.  Started at Emily Murphy and ran to Terwilligar.  Along the way we met Shane, our team was complete.  Steph cut his run to about 16k, we continued on, actually had our team meeting for Sinister.  The week after I ran a 5k on Wednesday and 10k Friday morning.  Great runs, much faster than I expected.  I don’t really look at my watch anymore when I do straight street runs, I run by feel.  This last Sunday I ran 30k, started at Hermitage Park.  Steph and Louise started with me, made it close to Dawson, they headed back for a hot 20k.  Heat, humidity, mosquitoes.  Good times.  Both Louise and I could not get wind and our legs were tired.  I pushed on to do 15k and back, finished a 30.2k.  I’m a little tight, sore in the aductors and lower back.  My right foot is a bit screwed, I have physio on Friday, hopefully he can see if there is a problem.  Different than the other foot pain, this is the outside of the foot and I have a big red spot there, like I hit something.  I just don’t recall what.

Next Sunday I would like to go out 4 hours, unless the weather is shitty.  Rain and mud are not necessary for training. I would like to start at Hermitage or Rundle and go until I am done, then call for a pickup. I would have 2 weeks to race, I can rest a bit with some lighter runs.

weight:  197.6