Progressive Computer Technologies Inc.



I have created many networks for my customers. The technology is always changing but the end result is always the same: you need to access and share data.

I can set up your network from beginning to end. I can run the cable, install the server racks, install the switches, supply and configure the server and the work stations. I can modify or upgrade your existing network. Just tell me what you want and I can tell you what you need.

Fiber Optic cable is a sure way to get your data between floors, or buildings.  I can run and terminate fiber, and supply switches that will get you the speed you need, with fiber uplinks between switches.


Thinking of wireless? Yeah, I've done that, too.  Wireless speeds have increased and prices on hardware has dropped.  Your best performance is still with a wired solution, but wireless is a good second choice when you can't run a wire.

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